Mindset: The Game Of Life!

This book, “MINDSET: The Game of Life” is about taking control of our minds and our lives. It’s about understanding that the way we think, speak, and act shapes our reality and that by changing these patterns, we can change the outcome of our lives.

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Unravel The Mysteries Of This Book

This book explores the concept of a paradigm shift and how it can be used to reprogram our brains and reset our lives. We delve into the importance of dreaming big, following our hearts, taking control, embracing accountability, cultivating an attitude of gratitude, and seizing the moment. This book will guide you through
practical tips and strategies to make real-life changes and achieve the success, happiness, and fulfillment you desire.

So, whether you are looking to make a significant change in your life or simply looking to find more fulfillment and purpose, this book will provide you with the tools and guidance you need to take control of your mind, your life and make the changes that will lead to a happier and more fulfilling future.

But it’s not just about making changes; it’s about understanding how we think, speak, and act shapes our reality. This book will empower you to break free from the patterns that have been holding you back and show you how to use your brain’s adaptability to your advantage. It’s time to take control of your life and make the changes that will lead to a happier and more fulfilling future. Are you ready to begin your journey?

It’s easy to get comfortable with the way things are, but if we’re not happy with the current outcome, we have to change how we think. Of course, this might be scary at first, but the brain is adaptable, and with the right guidance and tools, it can become responsive to everything we command.

  • Experience

    Many authors share their personal stories of success, failure, and perseverance, providing valuable insights into the habits and attitudes that have helped them achieve their goals. By reading about their experiences and the strategies they have used to overcome adversity, you can gain inspiration and guidance for your own journey.

  • Goals

    A book on mindset can provide you with the tools, techniques, and inspiration you need to overcome obstacles, stay motivated, and make progress towards your goals. One of the primary ways that a book about mindset can help you achieve your goals is by helping you cultivate a growth-oriented mindset.

  • Motivation

    Reading a book about mindset can be an incredibly powerful tool for motivation and self-improvement. Whether you are feeling stuck, uninspired, or overwhelmed, a good book on mindset can provide the guidance and inspiration you need to take action and move forward.

  • Vision

    Achieving your vision is one of the primary goals of reading a book about mindset. A book on mindset can provide you with the tools, techniques, and inspiration you need to develop a clear vision of what you want to achieve and take action towards making it a reality.

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Exciting Contents Within Our Chapters

Chapter 1 : Breaking Out Of The Box

“Our humanity rests upon a series of learned behaviors,  woven together into patterns that are infinitely  fragile and never directly inherited. “ 

– Margaret Mead  

Chapter 2 : Dream Big!

Dreams are only limited by your own imagination. What’s  possible is entirely up to you – and that’s the beauty of  life. Defining possibility can be hard, especially when times get  tough and nothing seems to work out.

Chapter 3 : Follow Your Heart

To achieve the impossible and make your dreams come  true, one key element is to discover your passion. But what is passion? It’s not just like a light switch that clicks on  when it’s time to get excited about something.

Chapter 4 : Taking Control

A commitment is a promise to yourself, and to others if relevant, to do something even when times are tough. It is  important that you take note of the concluding part of that definition: commitments are kept even when times are tough.

Chapter 5 : Accountability

Are you ready to join the ranks of the super-accountable?  Then it’s time to get your mindset in check. You need to  have a mind that knows how to take full responsibility for its  actions.

Chapter 6 : The Attitude of Gratitude

A little girl named Diana, from London, United Kingdom, was out for a walk one day when she encountered a man  in need. The man had run out of food and was desperate for  help. Seeing the man’s plight, Diana immediately ran back  home to get some groceries and brought them back to the man.

Chapter 7 : The Joy Of Giving

By now, you must be tired of giving just because you feel  like you have to. It’s time to ditch that obligation and adopt a new giving mindset! This isn’t about following orders;  it’s about fundamentally changing the way you think.

Meet The Creative Mind Behind The Book

Ana-Maria Ciubota

Ana-Maria is a makeup artist, beauty coach, and mentor, born and raised in Romania but currently residing in London United Kingdom. She has a degree in Biology and Science, and a master’s degree in Business Administration International at Anglia Ruskin University, and wrote a wonderful dissertation on the beauty and business industry. Ana discovered her passion for makeup and skincare at age seventeen, and since then she has never stopped exploring this beautiful world. With her growing passion, Ana-Maria took advanced makeup courses and multiple masterclasses.

She created looks for models and actresses but one of her favorite aspects is working with women who
haven’t felt confident about their skin. Ana is not afraid to try new things related to beauty, skincare, and personal growth, she likes to experiment with new makeup looks, and skin care treatments in her free time and enjoys traveling and exploring cultures.